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Buschek-Porence supplement

The damp wall plaster for a healthy home

your benefits

The semi-finished product Buschek pore additive helps you with plastering work in damp areas.

No transport of heavy bags

Buschek pore additive is a semi-finished product, i.e. you only need conventional materials such as sand, water, cement or lime and the Buschek pore additive to produce the damp wall plaster. 

In practice, this means that the basic materials are purchased on site in the desired quantity and the Buschek pore additive is added. This saves you the transport of many individual bags. 


Cost savings of up to 40%

The use of a damp wall plaster results in controlled drying of the wall. This eliminates the need for renovation work and cleaning. 

Due to the special properties of the damp wall plaster, you can also save energy and heating costs. 

Sustainable and ecological

No energy consumption due to sand drying, no unnecessary packaging that has to be disposed of again and also transported away. Transport costs are therefore reduced to a minimum.

The required basic materials sand, cement and water are in stock at regional dealers or at your home. Shorter delivery routes help to reduce the burden on the environment.

Easy and quick to process

The production of the damp wall plaster is done in 3 simple steps (add, apply, dry). The instructions provided make it very easy to make the right amount for your project. 

Keeping your home dry and healthy has never been easier. 


Buschek pore additive
from the can

Damp walls are often the reason for harmful mould.

If your walls suffer from moisture, the Buschek pore additive is the solution to your problem.

Buschek pore additive, plus sand and cement or lime, results in a damp wall plaster for the restoration of damp walls.
Buschek pore additive is suitable for interior and exterior plastering.

Put an end to damp walls


Buschek pore additive,
the effective
help with:

rising damp

Condensation humidity

Building moisture cellar Old or new building

Pipe breakage / water damage

Floods / high water

Now also available online

The Buschek pore technology from the can is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective option for a professional, final restoration.

A can of Buschek pore additive is added to sand and cement or lime (available at any local building materials dealer).

The secret lies in the pore technology

Buschek-Porenzusatz is an Austrian innovation and market leader in the field of damp wall plaster. This obliges us to be responsible and to use raw materials, energy and the environment in a resource-saving way.

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Customer comments


Buschek pore additive is excellent for getting wet masonry under control. For me as a painter, it is important that there are no damp spots on the wall. Only then can I achieve an optimal result.

- nfred maple

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