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The sustainable material from the can

POROment from the can is used for the production of POROment wet masonry plaster as a construction site mix. The powdery POROment from the can is added to the sand-cement mixture at the construction site.

1 can in combination with sand, cement and water yields approx. 78 litres of wet mortar. With an application thickness of 20mm, the material is sufficient for approx. 4m².


Before starting plastering work, wash/wet the complete wall surface of the day's work with a deep-acting hose
(hose without nozzle). In windy and sunny conditions, rewet already plastered surfaces as required
and/or shade them, otherwise there is a risk of burning. Before leaving the construction site, re-wet the plastered surfaces
if necessary.


approx. 8 litres of clean tap water
60 litres of washed sand
1 can of POROment and

Add 15 litres of cement to the mixer.


The masonry must be sufficiently pre-wetted before applying the adhesive spray and after each coat of plaster.

Precoat/adhesive coat: Apply with a trowel to cover the entire surface (up to 5 mm thick), leaving the surface rough.
Coarse plaster/base plaster/plaster layer mortar: Minimum application thickness 20mm.
For levelling and plastering, only remove the mortar (aluminium/wood lath), do not rub and leave the surface rough.
For greater thicknesses, apply the mortar in even layers of 20mm.


The minimum interval between
The minimum interval between working cycles should be at least 24 hours, or longer if site conditions are unfavourable. Before each layer of plaster, pre-wet again as described above.

Finishing plaster: A commercially available pure mineral finishing plaster can be used.

Important!: Add 1/4 can of POROment per bag of fine plaster.

POROment is an additive

The content is simply added to the sand-cement mixture. Please read the product data sheet carefully before use.

Mixing Instructions:

Mix the entire mixture for at least 10 minutes!

Now mix the entire mix for at least 10 minutes!
Always adhere to the prescribed mixing time!
Do not overmix!
When using drum mixers, use a capacity of at least 130 - 140 litres.
Reduce the mixing time for compulsory mixers.
Not suitable for continuous mixers.
Important: Do not add lime or chemical additives!